Unlinked gravel photo.

Practice makes perfect, and around 50 gravel riders practiced a lot ahead of the first gravel riding event last weekend.

Lifetime Fitness hosted an Unbound Gravel Boot Camp this past weekend, welcoming runners from across the country to Emporia. Unbound Race Director Ben Sachs said this is a great event for runners of all skill levels, but especially those new to the sport.

Besides the riding experience, Sachs says boot camp also offers a number of helpful resources and workshops.

Sachs adds that this weekend’s camp is also a great training session for the Unbound staff ahead of the annual race series coming later this year.

All camp attendees this weekend will be back in Emporia in June, as camp attendance grants all riders access to the signature race series.

For more information on Unbound Gravel or related events, visit unboundgravel.com.