Boxing and martial arts purists might balk at Jake Paul, but the YouTuber-turned-boxer just said he’s ready to allay people’s doubts.

Although still a newcomer to boxing, Paul is 4-0 in the ring, and his victory over former UFC welterweight Tyron Woodley in late 2021 further strengthened his belief that he has what it takes to fight in MMA. Even before his fight with Woodley, Paul was trying to get controversial UFC fighter Conor McGregor to agree to a game.

“I’m fighting for the money for Conor McGregor right now,” he said. “There is no other fighter right now who is at a higher level than me who calls out Conor McGregor and wants to fight Conor… People at first thought I was kidding when I said I wanted to fight him. . But now it’s as real as it sounds, it’s more real than ever and by the way, if we fight I’m going to knock him out. “

It looks like the former influencer is now looking into that aspiration in 2022: he recently tweeted a short video from his MMA training, in which he can be seen practicing leg kicks with his trainer.

“The early days of training,” Paul wrote in the tweet. “Doubted every step of the way … but kick down the doors of the skeptics.”

While other details of what he does in his MMA training are unclear, Paul shared his boxing prep regimen in November, revealing that he trains six days a week every week, with two days focused. on cardio, conditioning and mobility, and the other four devoted to sparring and heavy sackwork.

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