Tristan von Langsdorff is the owner of Caledon Fitness, a new personal training fitness center in Bolton.
  • Caledon Fitness is a 2800 square foot personal training facility located in Bolton at 334 Queen St. S., Units 4 & 5.

There is a new personal fitness center in Bolton now open for those at any stage of their fitness journey.

An elite athlete with years of fitness training experience, owner Tristan von Langsdorff, said opening Caledon Fitness was about getting back to what mattered most, the customer.

Having worked at several large gyms, von Langsdorff said he was unhappy with what he saw, including overcrowding, disorder, corporate pressure for staff to sell ski passes and improper training resulting in injury to customers.

“I tried to solve all these problems by doing the exact opposite of these gyms. I just stayed on the basics. I wanted to do the basics very well: customer service, customer focused, clean and modern”, said von Langsdorff.

He said the general culture of a large gymnasium, which can leave people feeling intimidated, is something he wanted to change with his establishment.

“I feel like this is the facility where they can actually come and feel comfortable and learn.”

At Caledon Fitness, it’s strictly for personal training where a client can get a half session (30 minutes) for $60 or a full session (one hour) for $120. Partner sessions to train alongside a friend for an hour are also available for $180 upon consultation. At the appointment, the client will have the entire space to himself with von Langsdorff and his fellow trainer, Walter Huynh.

“There is no membership. There is no contract. There are no hidden fees. You can get as many sessions as you want or as few sessions as you want. You can pay as you go,” von Langsdorff explained.

There are also nutritional consultations and cardio assessments available for $60 each.

Having played top-flight football in Germany and South Africa for several years, von Langsdorff says he wants to use the fitness knowledge he has learned to help others, such as heart rate tracking. , increased cardiovascular endurance and good nutrition for running and strength training.

Individuals with varying degrees of fitness experience are welcome at Caledon Fitness.

“We are open to anyone looking for help. If someone already has his own routine, he just wants to learn a few things from me, I can teach him and he can go to the home gym where he is already and he can apply what I taught him. said Von Langsdorff.

“If someone has no fitness experience, I can teach them everything from eating right, to tracking their heart rate, to doing cardio, to strength training. For someone who doesn’t know nothing, I teach them how to hold the dumbbell, all the different techniques, breathing, everything we go through.

Growing up in Caledon, von Langsdorff said he wanted to open this establishment in Bolton because it was close to family and friends. The official opening of the 2,800 square foot facility took place on June 24, three years in the making. He credits his parents for the business lessons he learned along the way and his longtime coach and mentor, Eric Scott, for starting his fitness journey.

He said what he enjoyed most about personal training was meeting new people and helping them.

“When I meet people and form new relationships, it’s very rewarding.”

Caledon Fitness is located at 334 Queen Street S.units 4 and 5. For more information visit