Marathi actor Sonalee Kulkarni, who tied the knot with Kunal Benodekar on their first wedding anniversary earlier this year, is a fitness enthusiast – which she previously shared a glimpse of on Instagram. But it was no ordinary video as it showed the 33-year-old trying bodybuilding for the first time.

” Bodybuilding ? Tried a few things for the first time this week,” she captioned the post.

Sonalee, who is best known for her lavani dance song Apsara Aali of Natarangrevealed that she also attempted push-ups with handgrips, deadlifts with “more than my #bodyweight; 50kg heavyweight; sumo squats and shrugs.

His trainer Nikhile Ghole also shared a glimpse of the actor walking on his toes with weights.

Sonalee Kulkarni’s fitness trainer Nikhil Ghole also shared a glimpse of the actor from the gym (Source: Nikhil Ghole/Instagram Stories)

Here’s why strength training is essential for women.

According to experts, squats help build leg muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calf muscles. “Start by regularly doing weight squats and add additional weights as you progress,” said Sameeran Chetia, certified fitness trainer.

A deadlift workout can also allow you to lift heavy objects off the floor. When done right, it also helps improve body posture. Since it involves all major muscle groups, it is a complete workout.

Chetia suggested that one can incorporate strength training workouts like

* Shoulder press with dumbbells
* Alternating dumbbell rows
* Chest press with dumbbells
*Tricep push up
* Hammer loops

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