In addition to spending hours at the gym, it is also essential to pay attention to your diet to ensure optimal results. “Diet and nutrition are just as important as what you do at the gym. You are looking to give your body the energy it needs to push, and you are looking to give your body the right amount of macros (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) so that you can build muscle mass and increase time to recovery, ”Freedom said. Liu from the gym.

To complement its fitness programs, the gym has a nutritional plan in collaboration with Wafuken, a vacuum themed restaurant in OUE Downtown where members can place an order at the front desk and receive their food after their workout. .

Plus, for those looking to experience a health reboot from the inside out, Balanced Living Holistic Wellness Center offers a recently launched ten-day gut makeover program that helps you get back on your feet. on the way to greater food awareness.

This hassle-free program includes six days of meal delivery, which includes healthy but hearty dishes such as a cauliflower rice salad and a breadless salmon burger, to help you eat well. The meal boxes are also varied enough that you don’t feel like a rabbit grazing on salad leaves for days.

Best of all, the program begins with an in-depth session with practitioner Toni Baker, who knows how to share tips and practical advice for changing your eating habits without passing for judgment. Baker will also be available via WhatsApp for the duration of the program to provide advice if needed, which could be the extra boost some might need to finally commit to their fitness goals.

So get set, stable, and reset!