As the first One&Only property in Europe, this expansive complex of rooms, suites and villas offers an elegant interpretation of Venetian architectural tradition. palace, as well as nods to Montenegrin culture through chandeliers made by local artisans – the glass-blowing tradition being another hangover from its days under Venice – and numerous horses, the country’s unofficial mascot . (How else would you have walked up and down all those hills back then?) brainer summer destination. But with its state-of-the-art, lavishly outfitted spa and the fireplaces dotted around every room, there’s also a compelling case to be made for the area as a year-round destination.

Indeed, what makes Montenegro so unique is the proximity to everything within its 422-mile borders. (A recurring anecdote from locals is that you can swim on its pristine beaches in the morning and, within hours, find yourself hurtling down its ski slopes.) About the size of Connecticut but with a sixth of its population, which the country lacks size, it makes up for in variety, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. Sailing, scuba diving, hiking, skiing, climbing, rafting; here, just about every adventurous activity you could think of is possible in stunning surroundings and conditions, with the added attraction that you’ll often find yourself walking past a UNESCO-approved relic of European history.