CHENNAI: On this World Health Day, Evergreen Club, an online community for older people, has launched a #WhatsYourHealthy campaign.

The digital campaign features a video showing young and old people engaging in different healthy lifestyle routines, emphasizing that there is no one version of being healthy.

“Everyone’s definition of a healthy lifestyle is not the same. The way you lead your life and the choices you make have a direct effect on our mental and physical health. And we want to show different ways that older people stay active,” says Tapan Mishra, the club’s founder.

Evergreen Club offers a variety of sessions specially designed for the general well-being of people over 50, taking into account all aspects of healthy living, whether mental or physical. Experts and session facilitators on this platform are trained to rehearse members to listen to their bodies while considering member feedback to adapt and modify session routines.

Evergreen Club is designed to help seniors live more fulfilling and independent lives, while meeting their social needs and providing them with a sense of belonging.