Joseph Baena obviously inherited some things from his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of which is his love for bodybuilding. However, bodybuilding requires an incredible work ethic, and Joseph really knows how to work hard. As a result, he is very proud to show off his physique and what better way to do that than to pose like his father.

Having a good physique is obviously the most important, but knowing how to pose can make it even better. Well, Joseph Baena has an incredible physique and has now proven that his pose is elite by sharing a video on Instagram.

Joseph Baena struck several classic poses, some of which were popularized by her father decades ago. He started with a Front double biceps, which really accentuated the size of his arms, while his stomach emptiness was also impressive. Joseph went to pose of the crucifixthen directly to Victory Stance, which was popularized by Sergio Oliva. Her forearms, obliques, and overall form were amazing during this routine.

Joseph Baena then executed one of Arnold’s most famous poses, namely the Rear three-quarter pose. The resemblance between him and his father was uncanny, but again, one would expect him to master this pose. To complete his routine, Joseph Baena performed the Side Chest Pose and showed off his massive arms and chest. Impressively, it held gastric vacuum throughout the routine.

“Thursdays are for classic poses and classic songs.”

You can see Joseph Baena posing here:

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Joseph Baena’s poses looked incredible, but it was the smooth transitions from each to the next that really made this a masterpiece. It even left elite bodybuilder, Regan Grimes, in awe. So he left a comment.

“These transitions are money!!!🔥🙌” Grimes wrote.

Joseph Baena does not slow down his training despite a very busy schedule. He is pursuing an acting career, so it is obvious that Arnold Schwarzenegger is his general idol. His father was one of the greatest movie stars of all time, while arguably the greatest bodybuilder of all time. This fact does not frighten Joseph, but rather uses his father as inspiration and considers him a mentor.

Joseph Baena even trains like his father, like the book “The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” strongly influenced his training. It was Arnold who wrote this book, and he is now working on behalf of Joseph.

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Joseph Baena’s genetics are unquestionably good, but it’s nice to see that he is interested and working hard in hopes of carrying on his father’s legacy. This will still be very difficult to do, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and Joseph turns out to possess many of his father’s characteristics. He is very persistent and does not miss many training days.